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Pre-order: "the Cover"
  • Pre-order: "the Cover"
  • Pre-order: "the Cover"
  • Pre-order: "the Cover"

Pre-order: "the Cover"

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6th FINGER | the Cover for Defender

eco-friendly & sustainable innovation against fomite transmission of Viruses, Bacteria & Microorganisms,

even when operating 1-handed or in low-light/no-light conditions

Pre-Order: Check our Indiegogo Campaign to Pre-Order!

Pre-Order: At Indiegogo as Trusty

We prepare our Fundraiser: We will create a few Prototypes so you can see more details before you support us. Stay tuned!

Background story

During the spread of the Corona Virus, we quickly came up with the places where you can become infected in everyday life:

Starting with doorknobs, the handrails and door openers in buses and trains, the cooling counter or bread counter in the supermarket, when paying at card terminals or using the ATM, at traffic lights, mail boxes, trash cans or even the light switch or soap dispenser in the office or gym!

Therefore, we were looking for effective protection: In the absence of a proper solution, we quickly adopted it ourselves and created our 6.FINGER - which touches all the nasty things instead of your own hand. Without annoying gloves and economical without continuous costs!

Now the only question left was:

How to store it without contamination of yourself?

Our Goal - Your Goal!

We researched - invented - developed - tested and entered serial production already with 100% self funding on our 6.FINGER | "the Defender" ! Now it is time to take bigger steps: We proved we can deliver, without any support!

Let's climb the last summit together: Create a fail-proof Cover, so anyone can safely rely to never suffer any cross-contamination, even when using his 6.FINGER in dark situations (low-light and no-light)!


We, the Inventors and Engineers, are busy keeping up the production of our 6.FINGER right now!
If there is a demand for the Cover and we see the funds raising, we will immediately hire more Staff to take care of the logistical part - so we have time again to get back to the drawing table.
We will research and develop "the Cover": Make some Prototypes and put them under any stress condition you can imagine, until they break. This is the fun part for us :o)
In the next step we will improve the design again and repeat the process of improving&testing until a rock-solid Cover comes along that proves to be durable and offering all the features we have in mind.

As soon as this step is done, we will craft the custom tooling's and start production,
so in the final end you definitely will receive a piece of hardware again, that will withstand any condition and last you maybe a life-time!

How long to wait?

Best part of it: We like to get the job done right, so expect us to deliver within a few weeks! For our 6.FINGER we just needed 4 weeks, from the drawing board until the in-Stock item.

Specs to expect

Weight: maximum 25g (0.88oz) - but we try to slimline everything and get it down to around 15g (0.5oz)
Together with 38g (1.3oz) of our 6.FINGER | the Defender, you end up carrying only a total weight of 53g or just 1.86oz!
Material: 100% Copper
Benefits: 100% Re- and Upcyclable Material
Features: Operate safely with just 1 Hand, even in no-light scenarios of complete darkness!

Climate Protection: We will incorporate a CO² Compensation for this product to 100% compensate for the damage we have done.
In addition, we will try to raise the bar to 200%: For every Product sold, 2 times the amount of CO² generated for production and shipping will be compensated!


Data sheet

max 0.88oz
raw material
100% Copper