"the Defender"
  • "the Defender"
  • Push any Button: Electronical Doors, Elevators, Keypads ... you name it
  • Push & Pull any handle: For example of Doors
  • Touch sensitive material: Works with any common touchscreen!
  • Protect yourself from falling & from infectious diseases
  • Better not touch any gross stuff - even without a Pandemic
  • The mail man keeps his hands clean: Never touch a doorbell or mailbox again - without wearing gloves in summer time!
  • "the Defender"
  • For use at work or in duty: Ideal for Medical Care Staff, Facility Management, even Police & Military can benefit from it
  • GearKeeper USA: We recommend you to use their gear retractors, as they are simply the best.
  • FEM analytics, improving product quality and weight
  • "the Defender"
  • "the Defender"
  • "the Defender"
  • "the Defender"

"the Defender"

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6th FINGER | "the Defender"

eco-friendly & sustainable innovation against fomite transmission of Viruses, Bacteria & Microorganisms!

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Possible uses

  • Operate door handles
  • Open the door in public transportation
  • Use the stop button on the bus
  • Use as a "hook" on handrails in bus & train
  • Open self-service refrigerated counters and bread counters
  • Use the card payment terminals & operate the keypad
  • Press the elevator button
  • Use ticket or ATM machines with a touch interface
  • Open and move garbage cans
  • Use the light switch
  • Operate traffic lights
  • Lift & close the toilet lid
  • Open public Letterboxes
  • Use soap or disinfectant dispensers

Advantages of 6th Finger

  • Protection against all kinds of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms!
  • active protection against the SARS-Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • Does not inhibit the production of the required safety products for medicine. Thus, private users, the retail and wholesale trade, as well as medicine can be ADDITIONALLY equipped with 6th Fingers!
  • small and effective
  • Mount onto retraction tether or keyring
  • Easy to maintain by the end user if surface treatment is required in the event of corrosion


  • No printed invoice
  • No unnecessary product packaging
  • 100% recycled shipping material
  • Short transport routes, produced regionally in Berlin
  • Durable - quality made product
  • 100% recyclable and upcyclable raw material
  • Raw material without loss of value

How do we use it?

We only recommend using GearKeeper USA products if you are looking for a retraction tether, based on our personal experience of more than 7 years. We also compared these with other high quality alternatives such as the Gerber Defender Tether: Due to the lack of a swivel, the Gerber Tether unfortunately is unsuitable for safe handling, which is why we can only recommend products with a swivel such as GearKeeper's!

Care instructions

  • Clean regularly and if necessary, so that the proper function is ensured: It should be free of grease and particles. An ultrasonic bath like users of prescription glasses frequently own helps within 1-2 minutes without spending any effort. Another way is to gently wash it by hand with water & soap, also alcohol such as Isopropanol is working fine. Do not treat with salts and other highly concentrated cleaners! Do not wash in the dishwasher!

  • Discoloration: Copper will corrode (oxidize) during use! This highly reactive property is the reason why it works so well against microorganisms! To ensure optimal functioning and to remain chemically active against microorganisms, the oxidation layer must be removed if necessary. Whenever the product has unsightly discolouration, brush them off with a copper wire brush, or use a classic metal sponge like commonly seen in the kitchen. Slight discolouration after the daily use is acceptable and does not affect the proper function.

  • Do not use on smartphones displays because of possible scratches by the copper. Instead, regularly clean and disinfect your touch interfaces!

Hygiene Instructions

Copper is not an absolute or sole protection, just an aid to reduce the fomite transmission of infectious organisms when operating facilities that are used by several people. It only offers another layer of protection.

ATTENTION: The 6th Finger must be stored in a suitable manner, e.g. stowed free hanging, or laying on a copper surface. Pockets in jackets and pants, or the outer layer of your clothing, are very likely to be contaminated when you store your 6th Finger on your person. To absolutely prevent any contamination, we are currently developing a suitable cover for your 6th Finger! Until we can offer this solution, take care not to contaminate your hands at the appropriate contact points by practicing a careful use until you achieved a safe sequence that your muscles can memorize.

Therefore, be sure to follow the instructions of the local authorities and comply with the important rules of conduct, which, with or without our 6th Finger, are all part of a basic daily hygiene principle:

  • Basic hygiene by washing your hands if necessary, e.g. before eating!
  • Refraining from touching the face and studying alternative methods
  • Only leave your own living quarters during an epidemic if necessary
  • Maintaining safety distances from people and material that are not urgently needed
  • Wear a face mask if directed to reduce airborne transmission
  • Regularly check again with the sources recommended by the authorities and with the authorities themselves in order to receive new instructions promptly and provide this information to people who can not help themself!

Safety notice
Thanks @Tim for your objection: there is a risk of hurting yourself if used on public transportation due to emergency braking. In order to prevent the fingers of your own hand from getting stuck and then exerting great forces on them - and to prevent injury in the event of falling, we advise you to hold your 6.Finger exclusively with your "Fingertips". The concept is to offer you a fixation point for regular transport operations, so in case of an accident your finger slips off to prevent injury.

Copper has long been used in the jewelry industry with success. We do not know any dermatological facts so far whether contact with copper over a very long period of exposure may have a negative impact on the user.
If symptoms of an allergy appear, stop using the product immediately and seek advice from a doctor. Please also contact us so that we can publicly clarify such incidents.
The use for children is only recommended if they got instructed and supervised over a period of time and proved to handle the device properly without a doubt:

  • Only use the product as described!
  • No playful handling allowed!
  • Never leave it in your hand longer than necessary!
  • Do not perform a "function test" and, for example, lick the copper, or provoke contact with other mucous membranes!

We cannot predict whether the use for pregnant women will affect the unborn child and recommend to seek your doctors advice.

One person should always use their own 6th Finger: Sharing is only recommended between several people if the device could clean itself between the exchange without any doubt, e.g. a period of 4 hours has passed when possibly contaminated with COVID-19, or if it was cleaned, disinfected and not contaminated again before exchanging!


Data sheet

"the Defender"
3.15"x1.2" (80x35mm)
1.3oz (38g)
finger hole size
~1" (25mm)
raw material
100% Copper