Background Story
During the spread of the Corona Virus, we quickly came up with the places where you can become infected in everyday life:

Starting with doorknobs, the handrails and door openers in buses and trains, self service refrigerators or bread counters in grocery stores, when paying at card terminals or using the ATM, using traffic lights, mail boxes, trash cans, dispensary machines, restrooms, even at soap dispensers or the light switch in the office or gym!

Therefore, we were looking for effective protection: In the absence of a proper solution, we quickly adopted it ourselves and created our 6th finger - which touches all the nasty things instead of your own hand. Without annoying gloves and economical without continuous refills!

Why copper?
Various studies have shown that corona viruses, and actually every dangerous viruses and bacteria, are damaged on copper surfaces by various electro-chemical effects at the level of their DNA/RNA. On dry copper, everything is decomposed after 10 - 30 minutes, not even DNA/RNA from the virus remains!

And even under the worst possible conditions, in a wet and UV-free environment, the effects of copper still work rapidly, so that half of the viruses have died after 1 hour and the DNA/RNA of every single particle has been completely dissolved again after just 4 hours!

Thus it can be safely said that a complete erasure of all viruses is ensured within 10 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours. This makes copper the best material to protect yourself against COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria and microorganisms!